New Beginnings and an Introduction


First things first, welcome to our new Palette Community blog!

Palette Gear in Home Photography Studio

Back in the Kickstarter days, we ran a blog to keep our backers in the loop with some of the finer points of our progress in design, manufacturing, and development. To reflect the considerable progress we've made, and our success in bringing a great product to market, I aim to start fresh with articles focused on sharing ideas, showcasing user talent, and contributing a little bit to the wider creative communities.

To introduce myself, I'm Andy, and I work as Palette's Community Manager – we've likely spoken if you've reached out via email or social media in the last few months. I come from an educational and experiential background in Photography, and I have been concerned with workflow and efficiency ever since I first drained a maxed-out memory card into Lightroom.

My hope is that this new blog will give our team a platform to share some of our ideas with the Palette community. We're fortunate to have a userbase who are endlessly creative and passionate about their work, and hopefully, some will come forward and offer to share their perspectives too.
(Hint, hint – I can be reached at; guest posts and suggestions are always welcome)

That's all for now! Thanks for reading.

- Andy

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